What are the seven dimensions of wellness?

Emotional Wellness

Listening to Shame: Brene Brown TED Talk

How to talk to someone who is Suicidal pamphlet (Mental Health First Aid – Australia)

2 day training course to become comfortable with talking to someone who is suicidal. ASIST training 

Calm in the Storm an app to help cope with life stressors.

Mindshift an app to help cope with anxiety

Track your mood and notice your triggers to anticipate and regulate yourself Daylio app

DBT Therapy – personal and group therapy using mindfulness, emotional regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness.

What is trauma? The things you need to know are in The Trauma Informed Toolkit 

What’s my trauma exposure? Take the Brief Trauma Questionnaire

What’s your link between your current health state and your childhood? Take the Adverse Childhood Experiences Questionnaire 

Do I dissociate? Take a dissociative experiences scale questionnaire 

Am I depressed? Take a test to find out

Do I have ADHD? Take a test

Am I bipolar?

Am I addicted to the Internet?

Do I have a drinking problem?

Do I have a drug problem?

Am I schizophrenic?

Am I suicidal?

Do I have OCD? Do I have a sex addiction? Do I have an eating disorder? Find out these answers along with other psychological tests 

Physical Wellness

Breath, clear your mind, decrease your heart rate, increase your performance. HeartRate+Coherence Pro app

Log your runs…motivate yourself to run…share with friends Run keeper app 

Ground yourself: Relax your body with ASMR player app

Ground yourself: Relax your brain with theta waves Brainwaves app

Ground yourself: Settle your body with settle your glitter app

Tension Relaxation audio by Emmett Miller and Steven Hapern

Hypnosis and Meditation by Michael Sealey on youtube

Calm and confident with Mark Grant using Bilateral Stimulation to calm your body

Heal your Body, Heal yourself Hakomi Therapy 

Balancing Mind, Body, and Spirit to Boost Natural Fertility Anji Inc.

Tracking Fertility Ovia

10 steps to optimize fertility

Free Meal Plans for a Plant Based Lifestyle on a budget

Candida recipes

How does my body affect my mood? take a test to find out

Tap with Brad where Positive Psychology meets energy psychology

Yoga videos Gaia

BMR calculator 

The importance of sleep

Intermittent Fasting – yay or nay Dr. Paul Biondich

Adrenal Fatigue

Female Health and wisdom videos with Dr Christiane Northrup

Cleaner living…Toxins anyone?

Alan Fogel Body Sense – Embodied Self Awareness talks

Environmental Wellness

Ground yourself: using the power of nature.  Naturespace sounds

Declutter your life in every way and live more peacefully the minimalist mom

What are you putting in your body that affects how you feel? Phthalate-Free cosmetics

What are you putting into your baby’s body? Baby Joy

Organize your Life with Susan Sly

Do Toxins make you fat? 

Intellectual Wellness

Type, record, and listen to your own affirmations with the ThinkUp app

Louise Hay affirmations

Watch the power of affirmations Jessica’s Daily Affirmation Can you do it too?!

The Biology of Belief Dr. Bruce Lipton

Social Wellness

I’m an Introvert?  What does that mean? Susan Cain TED Talk

What’s my Attachment style? Compatibility Quiz Amir Levine

How do I feel and show love? The Five Love Languages Quiz by Gary Chapman

The Mathematics of Love – Hannah Fry TED Talk

Imaginal Nurturing – April Steele – building a secure attachment of self books and CD

The Handless Maiden TED talk by Paul Miller

Am I in an abusive relationship? Take a test to find out

Occupational Wellness

Who am I? What is my personality? Personality Quiz

Now that I have done the quiz, what am I like? Who is a good match for me? What job is the right fit for me? Personality Explained

How your Body Language Shapes who you are Amy Cuddy TED Talk

How to empower your daughter

Spiritual Wellness

How to follow your “personal legend” Paulo Coelho on Super Soul Sunday

Meditation for beginners Breethe app

Meditation Buddha Chants app

Buddha podcasts AudioDarma

Spiritual Readings Divine Connection 


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